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This is part of OSC Plug And Play.

Views are used to automatically display controls or map hardware controls in a controller to the controlled device. The view should be stored on the device itself to provide proper "plug and control" features.

Agreed standard


In oscit all views live under the "/views" url and can be updated with Hash values, either to add new elements, update their attributes or remove them.

View example (/views/basic):

  "width":500, "height":270,
    "1":{"class":"Slider", "x":10,  "y":50, "width":30,  "height":150, "hue":180, "connect":"/tempo"},
    "2":{"class":"Slider", "x":50,  "y":50, "width":30,  "height":150, "hue":130, "connect":"/other/deeply/nested/slider"},
    "3":{"class":"Button", "x":90,  "y":50, "width":30,  "height":30,  "hue":100, "connect":"/tempo", "value":100},
    "4":{"class":"Pad",    "x":130, "y":50, "width":150, "height":150, "hue":80,  "connect_x":"/tempo", "connect_y":"/other/deeply/nested/slider"},
    "5":{"class":"Slider", "x":290, "y":50, "width":20,  "height":100, "hue":0.0,   "connect":"/not_ready"}
    "6":{"class":"Slider", "x":10, "y":210, "width":300,  "height":30, "hue":200,   "connect":"/other/deeply/nested/slider"}

To update the position of slider "5", the GUI sends the following Json encoded Hash:

    "5":{"x":390, "y":60}

and receives the equivalent in a "/.reply".

As you can see, this is very easy on resources: exchanged data is constant however big and complex the view becomes.

plans in Rubyk

Use the same Hash based content description to update the structure of a patch (max/MSP 'edit' mode). This would compensate for the lack of "POST" and "DELETE" operations on urls in OSC.

Patch description example:

  "width":500, "height":300,
    "metro":{"class":"/rubyk/Metro", "x":40, "y":50, "tempo":120, "out":{"bang":["/singer/in/clic", "/transp/in/step"]}},
    "singer":{"class":"/rubyk/Lua", "x":40, "y":70, "script":"... script content ...", "out":{"notes":["/transp/in/notes"]}},
    "transp":{"class":"/joe/Transposer", "x":40, "y":90, "tuning":"Pythagorean", "out":{"notes":["/midi/notes"]}},
    "midi":{"class":"/rubyk/MidiOut", "x":40, "y":110, "port":"Live"},
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