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The purpose of these pages is to find common protocols and features for applications so that these can work together with as minimum user intervention as possible. To achieve these goals, we must find standardized ways to solve common needs.

Here is a list of the functionalities that are currently needed:

Basic features


  • network announcement: remove the need for IP/port settings in each application or device (Zeroconf).
  • return values: operation acknowledgment.
  • errors: how to return error codes and information.
  • network: how and which parts of the transport layer to support.

reliable communication

How to ensure that messages are delivered ?


Here is a schema of the communication features that would allow us to implement a RESTful interface with support for views and reprogramming: File:Osc_methods_for_rest.png

  • get/set: find a common way to get values and set them.
  • get/set attributes: get and set attributes on an url.
  • meta query: reflection implementation (types, limits, features, human readable information, ping, etc).
  • notification: register for control change notifications (OSC).
  • subscription: subscribe to data streams (can be OSC/OSC midi/audio/video/gesture data/etc).

Advanced features

Current practices and tools

I propose that we write the way we would like these features to be implemented in their respective pages in paragraphs for each of the current implementations. This means that we will have a paragraph for "Virage", "OSCit", etc on each feature page.

Other APIs to get inspiration from

Here is a list of links to protocols that could inspire us. When possible the pages link directly to the protocol description.

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