June spatdif chat


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Dear SpatDIF and GDIF lists,

The (old) SpatDIF group held a post-paris-debrief chat today and we came up with a few steps we want to take in the next weeks/months.

- Meeting/Workshop for spatdif (in Z├╝rich or Bergen) possibly in August (depending on avalabilities) possibly in late September

roadmap of further work until fall:

- solidify core descriptions

- preliminary work on the time extension

- re-organize front page of SpatDIF.org to reflect recent developments (based on google doc white paper / Paris state-of-spatdif presentation)

Example Implementations in a) jamoma b) OMPrisma c) ICST tools

of Benchmark Scenes: historical pieces: turenas by chwonig philips pavillion xenakis/corbusier exemplary aproaches: composition gesture installation

Publication of exiating storage and streaming solutions in the three environments of SpatDIF-components

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