Further Progress and Milestones


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Meeting/Workshop for SpatDIF (in Zürich or Bergen)

  • Possibly in August (depending on avalabilities)
  • Possibly in late September

Roadmap of further work until fall:

  • Solidify core descriptions
  • Preliminary work on the time extension
  • Examine ISO standards / other standards (where available)

Re-organize front page of SpatDIF.org to reflect recent developments

(based on google doc white paper / Paris state-of-spatdif presentation)

Example Implementation and Benchmark Scenes

Example Implementations in

  1. Jamoma
  2. OMPrisma
  3. ICST tools

Benchmark Scenes:

Historical pieces:

  • Turenas by Chowning
  • Philips Pavillion by Xenakis/Corbusier

Examplary approaches:

  • Composition (Marlon)
  • Gesture (Jasch)
  • Installation (Trond)

Publication of existing storage and streaming solutions in the three environments of SpatDIF-components

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