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This list of attributes for parameters is based on the attributes that are currently implemented in Jamoma:

type (symbol)

This is used to distinguish between different types of messages.
  • Possible types are: 
generic | none | boolean | integer | decimal | array | string
Default type is generic (this means any value of any type is permitted)

ramp/drive (symbol)

Determines if parameter can be ramped or not.
Default is none (ramping is disabled)

repetitions/allow (1/0)

Are repetitions of the same value permitted, or should they be filtered out?
Default is 0 (repetitions are not allowed)

range/bounds (two integers or decimals)

Suggested normal range of parameter.
Default value is 0.0-1.0

range/clipmode (symbol)

Define range boundary restrictions. In other words, does it limit the values to the ranges recommended with the @range attribute.
  • Possible modes are:
none | low | high | both
Default: none

description (symbol)

This attribute can be used to provide a short text description or documentation of the parameter.


Other attributes that should be implemented (?):

  • units
  • coordinate system
  • orientation
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